Can Real Estate Agents Work From Home?

Can Real Estate Agents Work From Home?

A real estate agent can work from home. For 12 years my main office was in the home even though I had a leased office space at the real estate brokerage.

Overall you’ll find most real estate agents have a well-equipped home office which they work from. There the agent does prospecting, lead generation, follow up and paperwork. Otherwise they are meeting with a client at their home, their office/work place or in a coffee shop.

Now obviously there’s more to the subject than just saying yes you can work from home and never go to the office. Let’s dig into that little bit more.

What can I do at home as a real estate agent?

So you decide you want to work from home as a real estate agent what do you actually do at the home office?  Well it’s actually no different than what you would do at the brokerage office.

Most agents part-time or full-time will follow a routine and a calendar on a day-by-day basis. For example a full-time agent will split up the day depending on the way their business is set up.

For Realtors who rely on telephone prospecting their day may be setup where they phone for 90 minutes in the morning and another 90 minutes in the afternoon–either to prospects or following up with existing clients.

For those agents who rely on their online skills their day may start out with blogging for 90 minutes or engaging on social media and also another blog or social media follow through at the end of the day which takes another 90 minutes.

Both Realtors will probably be involved in some kind of online marketing too. They may be doing it themselves or hand it off to an agency.  Either way the marketing will probably include Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram posts and quite possibly posting on other websites like Pinterest and Houzz.

Surprising things you may not associate with real estate agents.

One aspect that most people are unaware of is the real estate agent who is at the top of their game (or wants to become better) is consistently practicing.  What are they practicing– they’re probably practicing a few of these things, scripts when they talk to buyers sellers or investors; presentations to sellers or to buyers and handling objections and negotiating.

Usually at least once a week there will be a coaching session either with a manager at the local office or with a coach who’s been hired to help the real estate agent fine tune and grow their business.

There’ll be the emails to prepare for prospecting and follow up.  They’ll prepare the feature sheets and the flyers to promote listings.  They’ll be doing online research for home evaluations and research homes to preview for buyers.

After the work at home is completed what does a real estate agent do?

Again referring back to a daily routine that we often see.  The morning is usually used for prospecting, following up and for working with referrals, writing emails, following up on emails and voicemails..

After lunch is the time that we see appointments set for 2 or 3 hours for listing appointments, previewing homes, meeting new clients, meeting spheres of influence and writing contracts or presenting offers.

Then it’s back home for another 90 minutes to 120 minutes of prospecting and following up. Which likely includes email and social media follow up.

Do all real estate agents work in the evenings to meet with clients?

There is a good possibility they’ll be meeting with clients either buyers or sellers in the evenings. And if they don’t establish boundaries each night can be consumed with meeting those buyers and sellers. Leaving no time for yourself, your family or for others and your other relationships.

So it’s imperative to work from a schedule and a calendar to prevent work overload.  otherwise it’s too easy to be doing work all of the time OR with no calendar you procrastinate and do very little work even though it seems like you’re busy all of the time.

Could I be a part time real estate agent who only works from home?

Yes it is possible to work as a part-time real estate agent who works from home. However there will be times where you will need to go into your office unless the brokerage you’re associated with is 100% virtual and there’s very few of those at this time.

That being said working from home as a part-time real estate agent is both rewarding in terms of the potential income and also rewarding for the relationships and the time you get to spend with friends and family. And the time you get to spend with your hobbies,  your volunteering and doing things outside of your work.

Related Questions

Do real estate agents earn a salary? That’s a common question and for the most part the answer is NO.  Real estate agents do not earn a salary as they are commissioned sales people.  Which means you only get paid when a sale is completed.

Could I work from home as a real estate agent assistant? Working from home as a real estate assistant is very doable.  As a matter of fact it’s extremely common to work from home as a real estate assistant.  Your jobs will be mainly those tasks that can be completed on the phone or on the computer- both well suited for working from a home office.