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10 Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents10 Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Online video is very powerful for growing your business but the problem is what do you actually make videos about? We’re going to share 10 video ideas that you could use specifically for growing your real estate business with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms.

1. Interview Videos

Interview Videos

Honestly, your smartphone’s good enough to shoot HD videos. You can get it done with a client or maybe do it at an open house or maybe just close the house then just turn the camera on and shoot a testimonial with the client starting with “Hey, let’s talk about the process. What’d you think it was like working with me?”
You can really level up your marketing and it really changes your business when you start using video testimonials. Video testimonials are powerful because people get to see people who look like them and sound like them. They can relate to when they say “Look, he’s got your back, he’s going to give you the best deal. He’s going to help you sell your house.”
One of the best forms of marketing is your past clients and customers that you have worked with. Those who have love. They can rave and talk about you in an organic and real way. Shoot quick interview testimonial videos and then you upload that right away to YouTube. You just need to be ready to capture those during your day to day business.

2. Information Videos

Information Videos
Examples are valuable tips and how-to videos. So, think about how to select a real estate agent. It’s kind of a self-referral I.E:“Let me give you five tips for selecting a real estate agent and by the end of the video, you can see that I qualify for all five.”
You can start doing videos about buying real estate, what to look for in bank owned home, how or why you need to have a home inspection when buying a house or how to buy your first home. Can you see how powerful this is? You don’t even really need to prep for it.
These are things that you can easily do right now. You can just turn the camera on and could probably give me three tips on all this stuff. You’re already experts, this is your business, you would talk to somebody over the counter at Starbucks and say “Oh, let me just give you three quick tips that you should be thinking about in this process” You’re ready to go just turn the camera on and shoot some content idea.

3. Market Updates

Market Updates
Let people know what’s happening in a specific neighborhood or for the past month’s total sales on the average days it takes to sell a home.

4. Local Business Reviews

Local Business Reviews
It’s a way to get a little bit out of the box here because you know of course people don’t just buy homes, they buy the area and amenities. You might want to highlight something cool you know like saying “This is a great place to live in because they’re building out the shopping center and you can start doing business with folk like ____________.”
It’s educating and helping your current audience as well, adding value in keeping up a relationship with people who’ve already bought or sold with you and also helping the local business owners.

5. Live Stream Videos

Live Stream Videos
A live stream is awesome but this is real-time, no video-editing. You might just go live right from your phone and say “Hey,let’s just check out this new shopping center.”
You can talk about it for five minutes and you just reviewed a business. Or it’s a good time to be buying because the markets are doing well and the rates are __% right now.For doing live streams around these ideas,all you need is a smartphone and taking the time to do them.

6. Walkthrough Videos of a New Listing

Walkthrough Videos of a New Listing
Nothing can really give people an idea of homes better than a listing video, especially if you walk them through and show them the whole house. Sometimes, people are in a rush and they need to make decisions before even putting boots on the ground, so you can really share a lot of information by doing listing videos.
People see the value walking them through homes. You should have a good listing walkthrough video of the house or prospective sellers might just go to the Realtor who does.
Let’s face it, people just sit at home drinking their morning coffee because that’s how they shop now, it’s online and this is where the world is going.

7. Videos about Yourself

Videos about Yourself
Do a video about you because it’s a chance for people to see you and begin to trust you. It’s your opportunity to put out a video with a little bit about your bio and mention your experience in the business and share your personality.
Don’t hold back from being you because people want to do business with someone they can build rapport with. You could hire a professional or you could keep it simple with your phone and just introduce yourself.
Now you have a video about you and you could make this your YouTube channel trailer. You could also pin it to the top of your Facebook page so when someone actually goes to your page for the first time, they could see that video. The key here is getting it done and posting the videos.
It’s going to generate you more business than a theory about a video that never actually gets online!That’s not going to generate any business so getting it done is always better than being perfect but of course, you still need a quality standard.
But a lot of us get paralyzed by perfectionism and then it leads to inaction, so just do it and get it out there, there is always time to improve it later. You can also do a video about your company if you want to cover your office in some ways that could show your personality and your style.
8. Videos about Community Events
You can do short videos, go live at events, festivals or street fairs. It is really just being in the community creating content and then putting that out there.Power tip is to tag people who are at the event especially on Facebook.
You can tag them on any of these different platforms then that person’s going to say“Oh, I was there with you, I was in the video” and then they click the video which is boosting engagement. They might even share it and that’s a cross-promotion which spreads the video even more.

9. Neighborhood Videos

Neighborhood Videos
People don’t just buy homes, they buy the neighborhood and the location. So, do a neighborhood video checking out what’s happening in the neighborhood. It’s also showing them the whole area. Do a drive through video of the main parts of the neighborhood.

10. Make Creative Videos

Make Creative Videos
Creativity puts some energy into it. Show creativity into how can you create content to show your personality around your real-estate business. There are also things that happen on the internet like the ice-bucket challenge happened years ago and there’s a guy that did the ice-bucket challenge and put it online.
Some of you might think what does this even have to do with business. It has to do everything with business because you’re building relationships with people and people are connecting with your personality.
You know a lot of real estate groups do videos.Sally Hogshead wrote a book called “Fascinate” and she shared one of the most important quotes in social media–“Being different is better.”
A lot of real estate agent’s websites, Instagram profiles, and marketing materials all look the same and that is the recipe for not growing your business because you just fall into the sea of sameness. So, you want to begin to stand out and maybe even be a bit polarizing so you stand out.
If you polarize people who would never do business with you, you’re going to attract and magnetize the right people who will do business with you. Just think about being yourself and maximize your DNA, your style and values. You get to set the whole thing, it’s 100% up to you to architect this but remember that different is better, so find ways to stand out.
Try not to be better than someone who’s already great at what they’re doing. Find out how to be the best you and stand out.Now the next step is get out there and start making real estate videos and get them posted on YouTube, Facebook and your website.